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Guided Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari

Queen Elizabeth Safari

The Queen Elizabeth Park is located in western Uganda and occupies around 1,978 square kilometers (764 sq mi). By road, the  Queen Elizabeth National Park is approximately 376 kilometers drive away from the south west of Uganda’s capital Kampala. This national park in Uganda is a region of varied habitats and boasts of open grassland with tick bush, forest, lake sore and swamps, which makes it a home for wide variety of wildlife and birdlife.

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Top Attractions of Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari:

  • One of the best things about the Queen Elizabeth National Park is that it has a variety of flora and fauna as well as is a habitat for over 94-95 mammal species and 612 bird species.
  • There are five levels of vegetation in the Queen Elizabeth National Park, such as bushy grassland, Acacia woodland, Lakeshore, swamp vegetation and forest grassland.
  • Wildlife like the Cape Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Waterbuck, Warthlog, Lion, Leopard, Hyena, Giant forest hog and Elephants are normally found on the grasslands of the Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  • The Queen Elizabeth National Park has a remarkable bird list, which includes African skimmer, Chapins flycatcher, Pink-backed pelicans, Papyrus canary, Shoebill stork, black-rumped buttonquail, pink-hued flamingos and marital eagle.

Around the Queen Elizabeth National Park:

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The Kazinga Channel:

The Kazinga Channel offers the perfect view of the parks to enjoy major wildlife ventures. The launch trips on Kazinga Channel down the shores of Lake Edward attracts a large concentration of mammals, birds as well as reptiles all year around. This will prove to be one of the most exciting and memorable experience of visiting the Queen Elizabeth National Park. On your Queen Elizabeth National Park safari, you will be thrilled to spot the tree climbing lions (found perched on Savannah fig trees), the yawning hippos and find yourself lucky to get closer views of water birds along the shores of the Kazinga Channel.

The Maramagambo Forest:

The Maramagambo Forest is one of the largest forests in Uganda, which is a part of the Queen Elizabeth National Park and bordered by two crater lakes – Lake Kyasanduka and Lake Nyamasingiri. The Maramagambo Forest is known as a medium altitude moist and semi-deciduous forest that is a home  to primates, such as, Lhost monkeys, Chimpanzees, bush baby, baboons, red-tailed monkeys and vervet monkeys. One of the best attraction of Maramagambo Forest is that- it has a high diversity of butterflies. On your  Queen Elizabeth National Park with us, you will be able to enjoy some pleasant experiences of exploring the bat and the hunters cave at this forest.

The Northern Crater Area:

The Northern Crater Area of this national park comprises is a scenic area with beautiful lakes and rich grasslands (which are set deep in the crater valley). In the dry season, this area becomes the watering points for animals.

Exclusive African Safaris is dedicated to plan for you an exceptional Queen Elizabeth Park by keeping in mind your requirements and specifications. We will make your safari trip to this Uganda’s beautiful national park an exciting and memorable one.

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