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Customized Rwanda Akagera National Park Safari

rwanda kagera lodgePositioned at a moderately low height alongside the border of Tanzania, Akagera National Park could hardly be more distinctive in character to the windy cultivated slopes that portray a lot of Rwanda. Ruled beautifully by the maze of marshes & lakes that pursue the rambling paths of the Akagera River, this’s  prototypic African Savannah countryside of intertwined acacia forest scattered with open plain.

Most importnatly, Akagera is a crucial game destination. Groups of buffalo and elephant appear from the forest to drink water from the lakes. If you’re fortunate enough you may come across a spotted hyena, a leopard or even a hairy lion. Zebra and giraffe graze in the Savannah, and more than 12 different kinds of antelopes  occupy the park, most frequently the good-looking chestnut-covered impala, additionally the modest oribi & tightlipped bushbuck, and also the clunky tsessebe and the tall Cape eland(world’s biggest antelope).

rwanda kagera lodge

Camping close to the scenic Akagera lakes is really a mystical unveiling to the magnificence of African hedge. Watching 50 hippopotamus grunting and spluttering at a time and huge crocodiles immerse the sun with their frightening jaws – a sight to behold forever. Some of the densest concentrations of water birds line the lakes to meet their thirst a sight you want capture in your camera.

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