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Exclusive African Safaris – Kenya Safari & Day Trip

kenya safaris

Kenya Wildlife Safaris and Adventure Day Tours

Lying on the Equator, the East African country Kenya boasts a different and extensive terrain ranging from Lake Victoria to Lake Turkana (previously known as Lake Rudolf). It is regarded as a golden land of travel adventure and grandeur!

Originally meaning “God’s Resting Place”, Kenya is wealthy in natural resources and shows disparity in culture, traditional, geographical landscapes and the warm welcome it gives to all international travelers and guests!

Kenya Safaris with Different Memories and Different Experience

We offer Kenya safaris leaving tourists with different experience and different memories in Kenya. There are different images of Kenya to live in our one day tour to Kenya.  Images of Graham Hemingway from Vanderbilt university on Kenya Safari…images of camping and spending nights under the African sky studded with stars…the upside down settings of stars fascinating visitors straight from the northern hemisphere…a burning camp fire and noises of wild insects coming from the dark beyond the bush…a chirping sound of Nightjars and Crickets…a warning of rock Hyrax about the danger of a predator, probably a Leopard!…the interesting stories of our local guide….the caring service from the Kenya safari lodge or camp staff including the traditional Sun-downer followed by Dinner of delicious cuisines… Images of Coastal trips with palm surrounded beaches and crystal clear blue sea water.

All this and much more can be experienced through our guided Kenya Safaris!

Kenya Safaris and Day Trips – The Fav Experience Desired by Everyone

kenya safaris animals

Coming from the Swahili word “safari” became a favorite part of American life after Theodore Roosevelt landed in Kenya in 1909 and employed 500 Porters to help him carry everything from champagne bottles to collapsible bathtubs into the dense bush of Kenya! He is soon followed by plutocrats, socialites, movie stars, royal persons and wealthy ones who liked to holidaying across Kenya. We specialise in organising, “Safari” which is still an exceptional experience desired by everyone, and from every background. Whatever may be your holiday preference, whatever budget do you have & whichever places you like to visit, we are sure that you will love to book our Kenya safaris and enjoy exploring different aspects of Kenya!  Kenya has everything to add to your passion and can become a pleasant obsession which will be difficult to avoid in your lifetime. We understand your dream as well as desire! Because we have the right Kenya safari packages to bring you the ultimate feelings!

Kenya Safaris Starting at Nairobi and Going Beyond Uganda Museum and More 

The capital city of Kenya and a crucial tourist doorway to the popular game parks and sanctuaries of East Africa, Nairobi is usually the beginning point for our Kenya safaris. It has history of dating back to the periods of rail travel and being used as a stopover on the rail track running in between the beach coast and Uganda because plenty of water was available to fill the boilers of the locomotive. And the high altitude is giving access to pleasant climate all over the year.

Check out our Kenya Safaris packages and contact us to book one if it seems like matching the level of your passion!